Séminaire : Lydie Lescarmontier et Nathalie Morata (Office for Climate Education (Sorbonne Université)): The Office for Climate Education: an international initiative for climate change education
Tuesday 14 May 2019, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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Abstract : The essential role of education in addressing the causes and consequences of anthropogenic climate change is increasingly being recognised at an international level. For example, Article 12 of the historic Paris Agreement (2015) states that “Parties shall cooperate in taking measures, as appropriate, to enhance climate change education (CCE)”, while the InterAcademy Partnership for Science (IAP) has recently stated that climate education “must become a prime component of science education at all educational levels”. However, analysis of seventy-eight national curricula (UNESCO, 2016) has demonstrated a significant disparity between the global aspirations and the current global state of environmental education, including CCE.

In response to these recommendations, and the perceived need for effective educational strategies regarding climate change, the foundation 'La main à la pâte' partnered with a number of scientific, NGO, and private sectors worldwide to create the Office for Climate Education (OCE).

Coupling the principles of inquiry pedagogy in science education, with the production of tools for teachers, and extending to the social sciences, the OCE, drawing from the IPCC reports, developed CCE resources that support teachers and education systems in developed and developing countries to mainstream climate change education in their respective contexts. The OCE also organises capacity building/professional development workshops worldwide for educators. It also initiated and coordinates a huge network of stakeholders to scale up their actions towards climate change resilience.

This presentation will highlight the mission, scope and structure of the OCE and the recent progress made towards the large-scale implementation of this initiative. The presentation will also outline how the project brings the latest thinking on climate change science and solutions, via a collaborative global network of scientific and education partners, to classrooms worldwide spurring both local engagement and pro-activeness.

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