Séminaire : Zoe Koenig (Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø and Geophysical institute) :Ocean dynamics in North Svalbard: from sub-mesoscale to regional variations
Tuesday 07 December 2021, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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North Svalbard is one of the entry regions for warm, salty Atlantic waters into the Arctic. It is a very dynamic region where the properties of the Atlantic waters are affected by lateral and horizontal mixing. Understanding the ocean dynamics north of Svalbard is key to understanding the input of salt and heat from the Atlantic waters to the rest of the Arctic Ocean. My post-doctoral work aimed to improve our understanding of the circulation and physical processes affecting the Atlantic waters north of Svalbard, mainly using in situ data collected as part of the Norwegian Nansen Legacy project. I studied the seasonal variations of the Atlantic inflow current in the Arctic from mooring data, and demonstrated the presence of a counter current on the continental shelf and an intensified bottom current. Two hydrographic campaigns have documented vertical turbulent mixing and the dynamics of a temperature front in the Arctic. These different studies provide a better understanding of ocean dynamics and the interactions between the ocean, ice and atmosphere in an Arctic in transition.

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